BRL Mapping

Below is an overview of the key features in BRL Mapping.

Find Locations Easily

By using the find address tool, it is easy to find and add zip codes to your order. The find tool doesn't require that you to know the exact address. Simply input the information that is known, and the system will return suggestions. It will even handle minor spelling errors!

View and Edit Multiple Zones

From the map, you can see and work with all zones in an order. Using the Carrier Route and Zip selection tools, you can click on the route or zip and easily add it to a zone.

Add Radius to Order

It is easy to perform a radius and have the results added to your order. You can perform a radius by distance, drive-time or quantity from a specific location. Using the Order Detail screen you can sort your order by distance for editing purposes.

Fence Post Tool

The Fence Post tool makes it easy to select routes within a particular region. Simply use the tool to draw around the region desired and the system will select routes within the shape. This tool is extremely useful for selecting routes between particular landmarks such as roads, rivers, and shopping patterns.

View Route Statistics

Get statistical information about a particular route by selecting the information tool and then clicking on a route.

Manage Order Detail

The Order Detail within BRL Mapping makes it easy to edit your selections in greater detail. Perform cuts and even split routes into multiple zones without leaving mapping!